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12 April 1980
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Hi, I'm Ken.

I'm currently in northern california, though I originated on the east coast. I work as an electrical engineer doing IC chip design, though I get back to my computer programming "roots" sometimes as a hobby. I also have way too many interests and no time for any of them, it seems. Of course, I have a bad habit of reading the internet or staring at youtube for hours straight when I could be working on the interests I'm always complaining about not having enough time for.

I used to do a web comic, tsuduku, which was an on-again, off-again project since I was an undergrad. It's currently stalled as I spend time on other things (mostly a music project with my significant other) but it may come back some day.

I also spend time playing with electronics, arguing politics on the internet, and playing videogames years after they were released.

To people who know me in person: I keep my up-to-date contact information in my livejournal "Memories." Convenient, eh?

Oh hey I'm also in a band: http://neverrightnow.com


SUSHI IS LOVE (thanks freyja!)